Brandable portal for secure access to all Blue Nine services

What is it?

Triton™ is a secure web portal, tightly integrated with all other Blue Nine services that can be white labeled to accommodate customer branding. Triton™ is specifically designed to be customized for granular roles-and-permissions access, content and appearance. Modification of the Triton™ user interface for color palette, logos, variable content and facility-specific web address can be completed in 24-48 hours. The high level modular services deliverable through the Triton™ web interface, and features of each, are outlined below:

General Features

    • Staff Scheduling
      • Transparent scheduling
      • Compensation calculator
      • Optional integration with payroll
      • Advanced staffing customization and configurable models for multiple facilities
      • Customizable staff utilization reports
      • Internal messaging and notification system for staffing changes, requests, etc.
    • Continuing Education
      • Best Practices Education
      • Charting/Billing Standardization Education
      • Individualized education based on performance reports
      • Customizable CME courses
      • Facility metrics
        • OR Efficiency and Turnover Times
        • Referral Patterns
        • Patient Demographics
      • Provider efficiency
        • First Case On Time Starts
        • Drug Reconciliation
        • Drug Usage and Costs
        • Gas Usage and Costs
        • Equipment Usage and Costs
        • Quality compliance
        • Provider Improvements based on benchmarks
        • Clinical studies