Right Now Reports™

Interactive, actionable reports available when you need them


Right Now Reports are an important part of Blue Nine’s objective to facilitate continuous process improvement in healthcare. We work closely with our clients to receive and collect complex healthcare data and generate meaningful views of the data which can be used to monitor and identify areas requiring action. Everyone has data but our goal is to help our clients understand their data and be able to use it in an impactful and meaningful way.

Right Now Reports are central to our PACT™ and EARN™ services, which uses a blend of real-time healthcare informatics and sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze the quality of care given, identify potential areas of improvement, and deliver the feedback to those who need it most in a convenient, accessible, and non-intrusive manner.

We work with each of our clients to create a specialized suite of visual representations of their data recognizing that each healthcare entity has its own needs and goals.

The tools we use to achieve optimal data visualization include are state-of-the art Business Intelligence and analytics systems. All offer a range of sophisticated data visualization and statistical techniques.