Qualified Clinical Data Registry


Blue Nine QCDR was first created in 2017 and has been approved in 2018 and 2019. As a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), we allow the users of Neptune™, our mobile anesthesia information management system (AIMS), to effortlessly capture Quality Payment Program (QPP) quality data at the point of care. In addition, we have a complimentary online portal (Triton™) specifically dedicated to facilitate pre- and post-operative data collection in a simple, provider-friendly manner. Using Triton™, any missing quality data can be supplemented on the portal at any time to ensure all reporting requirements are met. These two systems combined provide full perioperative data collection.

By working coordinately, Neptune™ and Triton™ are able to ensure that data is submitted accurately and is a direct representation of the care documented by healthcare providers. This coordination allows for a seamless transmission of remote data from each provider regardless of location that is synchronized to our central HIPAA-secure relational data repository. This secure repository houses all the information needed to calculate and transmit each of the quality measures associated with each individual provider TIN/ NPI. At the end of the reporting period, all quality data will be analyzed for both completeness and accuracy before being sent to CMS.

The failure of a provider to participate in QPP for 2018 will result in a negative 4% adjustment to reimbursements in 2020. However, a provider using our system not only avoids this negative payment adjustment, but also has the best possible chance of receiving the maximum reimbursement bonus in 2020.

The Blue Nine QCDR

In 2017 (and again in 2018), Blue Nine was approved by CMS as a QCDR and has gathered and submitted all MIPS data for 500+ anesthesia providers for those years. A complete online data-gathering and reporting system for MIPS data was added to Triton™ in early 2018. The system integrates directly with billing databases and document management systems and uses AI algorithms to facilitate processing and submission of the correct data directly to CMS.

Currently, Blue Nine is focused on anesthesia quality measures and is the only QCDR with an AIMS application (Neptune™). The possible expansion of Blue Nine’s role as a QCDR for both anesthesia and other healthcare specialties has significant revenue potential.