Perioperative Automated Clinical Training


Clinical decision support (CDS) provides clinicians, staff, patients or other individuals with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times, to enhance health and health care. Over the past decade, the CDS field has grown rapidly not only as a topic of intense discussion but also as a component of Electronic Health Record applications and of other healthcare technologies.

The recent publication Optimizing Strategies for Clinical Decision Support (2017,National Academy of Medicine) summarizes the field concisely:

“Decision-making guidelines, prompts, and assists, (i.e., CDS tools that deliver the best available information seamlessly and effectively to the point of clinical decisions), are necessary for improved and efficient care. Although it is technically feasible to deliver timely, validated evidence in a useful fashion to clinicians, patients, and families, the actual implementation of such support has generally been the exception rather than the norm. Implementation of CDS tools experienced by clinicians, patients, and other care team members to date, have often been expensive, disruptive, inconsistent, unvalidated, and not presented in timely or fluid points in the decision process.”

PACT™ Concept

Blue Nine has developed a methodology that challenges current approaches to CDS. Our Perioperative Automated Clinical Training (PACT™) technology creates a synergistic continuous healthcare improvement culture, driven by data, artificial intelligence algorithms and focused provider training and feedback.

Blue Nine approaches CDS as a partnership with providers to help improve their efficiency and provide the best possible patient care. Rather than inundate providers with in-case alerts interrupting their medical practice, we track care delivery, then, using our AI, we offer training tailored to meet each providers’ specific clinical deficits or needs based on administrative benchmarks.

Providers automatically receive the online, on-demand training they require, allowing them to improve proficiency and meet best-practice benchmarks. By progressively monitoring provider practice and working with each provider in a continuous-feedback training model, healthcare facilities can consistently achieve best-outcomes in every aspect of their patient care.

PACT™ Steps

  1. Clinical initiatives are Identified by the client using Right Now Reports™
  2. Benchmarks are established and setup in the Triton™ portal administrative interface
  3. Blue Nine and your healthcare facility work collaboratively to create tiered training content
  4. Providers who fall fall outside the established benchmark receive the appropriate training content
  5. Changes to provider behavior are monitored via Right Now Reports™
  6. Additional training is automatically assigned to clinical staff who haven’t met the established benchmarks
  7. Designated supervisors are notified of any provider compliance issues