Intraoperative data collection for anesthesia

What is it?

Neptune™ is one of a general class of software applications known as Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS). AIMS apps are specially designed to handle the unique set of data collection responsibilities anesthesia providers have in a surgical setting, and, as such, are a subset of the broader class of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). AIMS apps are part of the ongoing technical evolution of healthcare to electronic record keeping and are derived from the long-standing requirement for a written Anesthesia Record as part of a completed Medical Record.

What does it do?

Neptune™ is delivered to healthcare facilities tightly integrated with a light-weight, long battery life, Windows 10 Pro laptop computer, incorporating the flexibility of the most recent advances in touch screen mobile devices with secure, encrypted cloud communications and storage. The result is a streamlined intraoperative visual workflow for anesthesia providers, allowing thorough documentation of their activities while keeping primary focus on the health and safety of their patients.

How does it help?

The technological advances incorporated into Neptune™ allow documentation of anesthesia services far exceeding the outdated production of a paper anesthesia record for the hospital chart. We focus on the small details and heuristics of efficient User Interface to allow rapid data entry of to construct and archive an accurate representation of the entire intraoperative process. Since anesthesiology providers, in broadest terms, are responsible for ensuring surgical patients remain breathing, immobilized and pain free throughout a surgery, the detailed recording of all devices, apparatuses, positions, techniques, medications, fluids, gases, outputs, monitors, and the timetable associated with all general surgical events is part of the Anesthesia Record. So, anesthesia providers play a unique role as a scribe for the intraoperative surgical experience. Unlike other medical specialties, they are in every anesthetizing site, giving them a broad range of clinical coverage. Current initiatives may place anesthesiologists in an even more significant role in the entire perioperative process.

General Features

  • Intraoperative anesthesia electronic health record with integrated workflow for MIPS data collection
  • Offline capability – doesn’t require a WiFi connection to function – encrypted case data resides locally and is uploaded when a WiFi connection is established
  • Mobile device platform allows movement from Pre-Op to OR to Recovery
  • Simple, intuitive design promotes real-time data collection, and allows caregivers to be more attentive to patients
  • Smart Forms expand and collapse based on selection, only showing what is required
  • Case Types allow each facility to customize case types that match the facility case mix – including anesthesia technique, airway technique, monitors, gases, fluids, outputs, drugs, and case times. Selecting a predefined Case Type populates Neptune™ fields with the corresponding data elements.
  • Formsets allow individual providers to define preferences for each data entry form in the application. Selecting a Formset populates Neptune™ fields with those preferences.
  • Staffing timeline provides a simple and easy visualization of staff timeline events, complete with timeline totals for individual staff members, simplifying case handoffs and eliminating billing concurrency issues.
  • Case Signatures are tied to secure pin numbers or can be handwritten directly on the touch screen.
  • Case Chronology allows users to quickly access the workflow chronology of a case. Clicking an item in the chronology rapidly navigates a user to the corresponding section of the application to view or modify
  • Templated Notes gives users the ability to preconfigure frequently used notes. Templated Notes can be applied quickly through a dropdown selector.
  • Seamless and direct integration with Triton™ web portal
  • Allows printed anesthesia record for inclusion in physical medical record/billing documentation or direct EHR integration of anesthesia record PDF
  • Optional integration with anesthesia machines and patient monitors for automated patient monitor data entry

Charting Features

  • Cockpit View allows access to all essential functions in a single screen
  • Facilities can customize default values for particular items to enhance rapid charting
  • Patient vitals have “quick-click” range selectors centered around the last charted value, enhancing rapid charting
  • Charting grid is zoomable for 1, 5 and 15 minute views, enhancing short-case/ long-case visibility

Virtual Keyboards

  • Custom on-screen keyboards allow Neptune™ to operate in tablet mode, providing increased mobility
  • Smart Keyboards with shortcut keys specific to data field type facilitate rapid data entry (e.g. EKG Rhythm, Case Times)