Executive Automated Reporting Network

What is it?

Blending data from a variety of sources, including a facility’s EMR, Blue Nine’s Executive Automated Reporting Network (EARN™) gives administrative and C-Suite executives instant feedback on business-critical processes and initiatives.

What does it do?

Using preset performance thresholds, EARN™ automation notifies a configurable network of personnel based on established business goals. Working “behind the scenes” to monitor performance, EARN™ notifications improve operational efficiency by keeping those at the heart of a facility’s financial health informed so they can take decisive action.

EARN™ Steps

  1. Issues are Identified using Right Now Reports™ through the Triton™ portal
  2. Thresholds are set in Triton™ by an administrator
  3. The EARN™ notification network is established by an administrator – who gets notified of what
  4. Data is monitored through EARN™ automation and notifications are sent when thresholds are exceeded