Make your hospital healthy, patient-centered, AND profitable.

Make your hospital





You have data. A lot. Now let’s help you organize and understand it. With Right Now Reports™, we aggregate and standardize your data sources —we’re talking as recent as one day ago—and put it into an online, actionable platform. We bring transparency to data. And provide you with a powerful engine of insight.


From insight comes efficiency. Understand and leverage your data to help make clinical staff and business processes more efficient. And through our Perioperative Automated Clinical Training (PACT™) technology, driven by data and AI, we can deliver the right training and feedback at the right time. All in the service of better, more efficient care.


From efficiency and standardization comes increasing consistency, lowered costs and improved margins. With up-to-date data, we help you see where and how to save money, while improving care. With the Executive Automated Report Network (EARN™) and push technology, we make the process even easier. You save time, and as we know, time is money.


What it’s all about. We’re here to help you enhance the quality of care for your patients. Because behind the data and insights are lives. Let us help you make them better.