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The Next Wave of Healthcare Informatics

Blue Nine is pushing the boundaries of healthcare informatics to provide new insights in operating room efficiency.

About Us

Who We Are

Blue Nine Systems is dedicated to creating healthcare data collection tools that are user-friendly and simple to use. Data collected by these tools are stored dynamically enabling customized analysis which facilitates improved outcomes, efficiencies, and overall user experience.

Our Mission

Most data collection tools in healthcare today are confusing and complex, requiring massive amounts of user attention and seem to be geared toward a ‘billing only’ view. At Blue Nine Systems our mission is to change this approach. We create and implement data collection tools that are developed with the end user in mind while still preserving the in-depth data collection required to meet regulatory needs.

Our Clients

We currently specialize in the field of Anesthesia where we diligently worked alongside one of the largest Anesthesia Management practices in the United States to create intraoperative charting software that is affordable, simple to use and collects useful data going well beyond billing or producing a piece of paper. Our analytics suite is fully customizable to enhance the data analysis process and can be used in many types of applications ranging from compliance to efficiency and staffing improvements. Our approach to anesthesia can be applied to other areas of medicine and beyond.


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